What is Zest Impact? 


Zest Impact is a social venture that helps Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families and individuals improve their well-being and impact.

Creating a life that feels full and purposeful is a challenge that should not be taken lightly. While money can buy comfort and opportunities, it does not buy happiness. In fact, wealth can present a number of obstacles that are unique and difficult to navigate without the right guidance. 

Most of the services offered to wealthy families are from professionals in the financial, legal and administrative industries. These are crucial to organize and manage the family's business, financial and legal structures. However, when it comes to the family's happiness and impact, wealthy families are oddly neglected. 

Zest Impact was created to fill this gap. We use our expertise in positive psychology, the behavioral sciences, governance and social impact to help our clients flourish and uncover the purpose of their wealth, transforming ideas into effective impact. 

We work with UHNW families and individuals who want to put in practice the belief that there is more to success than money. 

Our mission is to unleash the purpose of wealth. 

What we offer


We offer the following services to help our clients transform their personal and familial lives: 


Individual Sessions

In our individual sessions, we guide our clients through discovery, mapping and planning processes, with a focus on their well-being and in social impact. We help our clients identify their values, strengths, skills and opportunities, and then coach them to create a flourishing and purposeful life. Then, guided by their values and uncovered purpose, we leverage their unique personal, social and economic resources to maximize the results of their altruistic efforts.

Family Facilitation  

In our family facilitation, we work on topics that concern the whole family. We anchor the conversation in the family's strengths, opportunities and world views. We help the family identify and strengthen their familial vision. We also facilitate inter-generational dialogue and offer a safe environment to discuss sensitive topics such as wealth, inheritance, governance, and the role the family wants to play in the world.


"Live what you believe or you end up believing the life you live."

- Anonymous


The Science


We stay current with the latest research and findings in the fields of positive psychology and behavioral economics to ensure the best service to our clients. We also guide our clients through the PERMA-V flourishing model developed by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (founder of The Flourishing Center, LLC), based on the original PERMA model developed by Dr. Martin Seligman (one of the fathers of positive psychology). 



To help our clients become more impactful with their philanthropic and altruistic activities we use the research and methodology from the Effective Altruism movement. The Effective Altruism movement and its affiliated organizations do extensive research to understand the ways in which people can have the greatest impact with the resources they have available. The suggestions offered are tailored to each client, depending on their values structures and preferences. Using an empirical approach to altruism ensures that our clients achieve the greatest impact for their time and money. 




Sid Efromovich

Sid Efromovich is a coach, consultant and advisor with over 14 years of experience facilitating workshops, public speaking, moderating groups and leading teams. He is a world citizen who speaks seven languages and is mostly known for his TEDx Talk on how to speak any foreign language, a top 30 most viewed talk on the TEDx channel. He holds a BA from Boston University, MBAs from Purdue University and Leibniz Universität and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of Humans United Giving Support (HUGS), an organization that has been spreading love in Boston since 2005. 

He worked as a physical sugar trader for five years in New York while simultaneously being a Master Teacher in Skillshare and teaching Sid's Happiness Workshop from 2012 to 2014. Being the son of a high net worth family, he has been interested in social impact for as long as he can remember. It compelled him to gain expertise in human flourishing, the behavioral sciences and social impact. Now, with Zest Impact, he uses this expertise to help other individuals and their respective families create flourishing legacies.

In addition to the activities in Zest Impact, Sid is also a faculty member of The Flourishing Center, where he teaches the 6-month Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP). 

Marina - 2018.png

Marina Feffer

Marina's priorities have always been human development and social impact. As a psychologist, she designed her career to experience different situations, such as working with the homeless, in prisons and in orphanages. She did this on a clinical level as well as with eye to public policy. After this first stage of engaging with vulnerable populations, Marina began working in a Brazilian multinational company. She was interested in learning about the impact that can be achieved through corporate social responsibility and learning how a large corporation functioned from the inside. This interest stemmed from a Shareholder’s Development Program she was going through in her family. Being the 4th generation in a UHNW family business family and with a special interest in social impact, she understood the importance of learning how to navigate family systems from within. Marina learned about family governance, and the different opportunities available when looking at the whole family enterprise. She is guided by the interest in finding how individual and familial purpose can work in service of social good.

In addition to her work at Zest Impact, Marina is also an active member of her family's governance structures and other philantropic organizations. She is the Executive Director of Arymax Foundation (her family's philanthropic foundation) and sits on the boards of the Feffer Family Council, Suzano Group's Shareholder Council and Arymax Foundation. She is also a board member of Jatobas Institute and Samuel Klein Institute.


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